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2K komt met een mobiele uitverkoop

by Mark van Truijen

2K heeft laten weten dat ze diverse games op het mobiele platform in de aanbieding gooien. Hieronder de lijst en beschrijving:

  • XCOM: Enemy Within ($9.99 → $4.99)
    • XCOM®: Enemy Within is a standalone expansion to the 2012 strategy game of the year XCOM: Enemy Unknown.  Enemy Within features the core gameplay of Enemy Unknown plus more exciting content, including new tactical and strategic gameplay, maps and multiplayer content, all providing a fresh gameplay experience.
    • Available for iOS and Android
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 ( E 9.99 → E 4.99)
    • The first game in the Sid Meier’s Civilization catalog to be developed and available exclusively for mobile devices, Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 challenges players to build a glorious empire that stands the test of time. Players can strengthen their military units with new combat units, race to science supremacy with new technology and expand their civilizations with new buildings and wonders, including Nuclear Power Plant, the Red Cross and Silicon Valley.
    • Available for iOS and Android
  • Sid Meier’s Starships (E 9.99 → E 4.99)
    • Sid Meier’s Starships challenges players to command a fleet of starships within the narrative universe of Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth while embarking on a series of turn-based missions. Along the journey, players explore the galaxy in search of other civilizations, protect planets and their people, as well as build a Federation to achieve intergalactic peace.
    • Available for iOS
  • NBA 2K16 (E 7.99 → E 3.99)
    • The NBA 2K franchise is back with the most-true to life NBA experience to date with NBA 2K16.  NBA 2K16 is packed with enhancements, new features, updated rosters, and more opportunities to earn Virtual Currency. NBA 2K16 also includes the popular MyCAREER mode as well as a new soundtrack curated by pop super-producer DJ Mustard, renowned producer and rapper DJ Khaled, and legendary hip-hop producer DJ Premier.  With enhanced graphic and player models, new animations that provide smoother movement and more realistic articulation combined with new controls and expanded device support, it’s certain to be the most authentic NBA mobile gaming experience yet!
    • Available for iOS and Android
  • NHL 2K (E 2.99 → E 0.99)
    • NHL 2K for mobile offers exciting game modes, including a fast-paced 3v3 mini-rink mode, turn-based multiplayer shootouts and a captivating MyCareer Mode with enhanced graphics and live roster updates.
    • Available for iOS and Android
  • WWE 2K (E 7.99 → E 2.99)

o    WWE 2K is the only authentic WWE in-ring mobile game putting the power, intensity and raw emotion of WWE in the player’s hands. The game delivers a roster of notable WWE Superstars, Create-a-Superstar, MyCareer, live multiplayer matches, unlockable rewards and more.

    • Available for iOS and Android

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