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‘Spider-Man’ zomer 2017 in de bioscoop in IMAX 3D

by Mark van Truijen

Spider-Man maakt zijn weg weer naar IMAX theaters, de film komt op 7 juli 2017 uit. Dit is vandaag naar buiten gebracht door  Josh Greenstein, president of Worldwide Marketing en Distribution bij Sony Pictures, Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, en Greg Foster, Senior Executive Vice President, IMAX Corp. en CEO of IMAX Entertainment. Voor deze film zocht Sony de samenwerking met Marvel studios op voor de productie.

Op de aankondiging liet Greenstein weten, “There’s so much about Spider-Man – including the web-slinging action – that lends itself perfectly to the IMAX screen. We are confident that audiences everywhere around the world will want to see it in IMAX.”

Feige vertelde het volgende : “Time and time again IMAX delivers super-hero sized movie going experiences to fans. With the anticipation for Spider-Man climbing, we are excited that IMAX has committed early to this extended release plan — it will be a great way for audiences around the world to experience such a big event film.”

En om af te sluiten met de woorden van Foster, “IMAX’s long-standing relationship with Marvel and Sony first began with Spider-Man in 2002, establishing the ultimate way for fans to be transported into the world of their favorite characters like Peter Parker. By re-teaming with our friends at Sony and Marvel on the newest Spider-Man reboot, we are excited to deliver audiences what they’re asking for: a must-see cinematic adventure – in IMAX.”

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