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Sci-Fi VR avontuur Hubris ontvangt eerste update

by Pim, Sel

3D Animatie en Virtual Reality specialist Cyborn is trots om te mogen bevestigen dat Hubris, de sci-fi actie avonturen game van de studio, vandaag zijn eerste grote update heeft gehad sinds de lancering van de game.

Check hieronder de update notes van de game:


  • Made all upgrades about 10 resources points cheaper per resource, making gun upgrades a lot more accessible.
  • Rebalanced salvage materials to lessen the grind of searching and dematerializing.
  • Lucia’s (Drone) hints can now be toggled on or off in the gameplay menu.
  • Drone detection ability has been increased in the Terraformer Interior to make them more aggressive in instanced where they would hang just outside of action range from the player.
  • The hoverbike can now be boosted with a single trigger press, instead of using both triggers.
  • The UI for all menu’s including start-up config has been revamped to be more user friendly and clear.
  • Loft juicer and food printer now works faster and smoother. The animation times and audio are cut so the player can insert all ingredients without pause.
  • Made some UI interaction on start-up clearer.
  • We passed over some dialogue to make them snappier. This was done blending certain animations and shaving some frames of others.
  • Fixed some dialogues triggering out of order in the SPI printer flow.
  • Added safety to soldering tool to make sure it’s always in place in the metro.
  • Did a pass on the Lucia drone movement to avoid clipping.
  • Underwater reactor in the SPIA can now be grabbed correctly.
  • Did a collision pass. Added collision to meshes where the player could still clip through.
  • Fixed hard locks in the tutorial when changing key bindings on certain buttons in SteamVR.
  • Wack now waits for the player before talking at the beginning of the terraformer interior.
  • The hooverbike now correctly stops and crashes when falling through gaps.
  • The debris at the end of the tunnel now correctly collides with the hooverbike.
  • Drones now have collision as well.
  • Players will respawn with a minimum of 25 percent hp. This way a ill-timed autosave with 5 percent health and no healing items should be less punishing.
  • Added extra Bhaptics calls in the ending scenes.
  • Slice no kills the player when slicing right through.
  • Added option to disable all screen shaking.
  • Pistol can now be fired as fast as you can pull the trigger.
  • Drones will now correctly respawn in the pillarforrest.
  • Containers on elevators now ease in and out when moving them.
  • The shotgun can now hit flying rocks and the shield generator.
  • All guns now have laser sights activated when grabbing them two-handed.
  • The pistol now has an accurate visor.
  • The burstguns’ holographic dot is now also accurate.
  • Added “without dying” to the “Speedy apprentice” and “License to speed” achievements to make clear that they need to be achieved in one run without dying.
  • Chapter selection is now available. Unlocking the previous act after it has been completed.

Stability & Performance:

  • Level streaming has been further optimized to prevent falling through the level.
  • Fixed not being able to jump near a moving elevator when not in the elevator.
  • Fixed certain particle effects not showing due to optimisation.
  • Fixed particle effects not being destroyed.
  • Added particles optimizations across the board.
  • Disabling Mirror display will now correctly disable the view instead of showing the last frame.
  • Added option to tweak ambient occlusion shadow generation, fixing the double vision issue on the Index.
  • Thicksacks now have the correct collision applied during their destruction animation and when destroyed.
  • Bhaptics implementation has been migrated to SDK2.
  • Fixed object physics bugging out when thrown in the chasm in the cave of the waterpond.
  • Fixed Post processing effect not going away on respawn in SPIA.
  • Fixed doors at the  end of the tutorial not being closed correctly on respawn.
  • Fixed Lucia Drone lights already being on before the player fixed the drone.
  • Fixed gun grab animations still showing without gun after respawn.
  • Fixed health bar visual incorrectly showing full health after respawn.
  • Fixed mines correctly despawning and deactivating in the cyanpump and metro levels.
  • Improved performance in cyanpump.
  • Provided a fall back for the arm IK’s in case the tensorflow libraries are removed from the game files.
  • Shield now correctly show (or don’t show) and reload in the cyanpump after respawning.
  • Tweaked lucia drone flying very close to the elevators.
  • Loading the first tutorial save now correctly hides the new game button.
  • Prevented accidental overlap of the metro level trigger when running around the SPIA.
  • Slice now has better collision in the cyancave.
  • Changing sharpness now correctly remembers the setting in the menu.
  • Screen shake now doesn’t carry over in the pause menu.
  • Squidprinter now loads correctly being closed at first.


  • Added general optimization and polish pass on animations.
  • Hand grabbing animations have been improved on certain meshes.
  • Fixed mismatches between the character animations and the voices.
  • Fixed some characters not being aligned on the floor.
  • Fixed trooper carrier in the pillarforrest being visible before the animation triggers.
  • Fixed Cyana’s hands clipping through the bed in the loft.
  • Wack now doesn’t get stuck in the terraformer reactor anymore.
  • Tweaked drone positioning in hangar interior to be in front of Wack when the speak to each other.


  • Fixed stretching algae.
  • Fixed visual bug where object looked see-through when held in the sun with the inventory opened.
  • Fixed medkit glasses overlay effect being visible in the menu.
  • Fixed positioning of decals in the control room sequence of the terraformer.
  • Fixed large drone smoke lodding.
  • Fixed repairgun particles showing in the middle of the metro level.
  • Fixed Wacks holo being gone after loading.
  • Uron shadows now disappear faster when they’re vaporized.
  • Fixed floor texture lodding issues in pillar forrest.
  • Fixed loft holograms rendering layers.
  • Adjusted death overlay effect.
  • Increased lighting arc resolution on the Uron Shield generator.
  • Wack’s holo in the SPI is now angled less awkwardly towards him.
  • Optimized and fade in/out Giant Uronship beam trail.
  • Centered some UI elements.
  • Sparks now collide correctly with the floor.
  • Tweaked Tyrim’s ambient occlusion.
  • Fixed set dress not aligning on the floor in SPIA


  • Added surface hitting sounds to all objects.
  • Tweaked volume of a whole bunch of sounds and dialogues to be more clear. 
  • Fixed some sounds that got mixed up.
  • Fixed Slice being broken audio.
  • Added new audio to the credits.
  • Fixed juiceprinter audio mismatch.
  • Fixed printer audio stopping too soon when removing tubes.


  • Added Dutch, Czech and Chinese subtitles and localisation.
  • Added missing menu and UI localisation.
  • The contamination breach voice in tunnels B now has subtitles.
  • Split subtitles to have less text cover the image at one time.

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