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Playstation 4 Firmware 3.0 is vanaf morgen te downloaden! (Trailer)

by Sven

Ja! Je leest het goed! De nieuwste Playstation 4 firmware 3.0 is vanaf morgen te downloaden.

Deze firmware gaat veel nieuwe zaken toevoegen, hieronder de belangrijkste features die vanaf morgen, 30 september, te downloaden zijn.

  1. Sharing videos to Twitter – Share videos directly to Twitter. Videos can’t be longer than ten seconds
  2. PlayStation Plus section – There’s now a dedicated section for Plus that shows membership status, monthly free games and deals, as well as all the games you’ve previously redeemed through the service
  3. Streaming gameplay to YouTube – Just like with Twitch and Ustream, you can now livestream gameplay to YouTube
  4. PNG screenshots – You now have the option to save uncompressed screenshots in the PNG format
  5. Events hub – This new area gives an overview of in-game activities and allows you to register for them
  6. Communities – You can create communities and invite PSN users to them. These can be based on anything you choose
  7. Stickers – You can now send stickers in messages
  8. 10GB online space for Playstation Plus members. 



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