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Dying Light: Hoe vind je de Sick Bomb Blueprint (Hidden Blueprint)

by Mark van Truijen

Techland is goed in het verstoppen van spullen, althans in deze game. Zo hebben we je al diverse guides gegeven en zo ook deze.

First off head to the tower. Once you arrive go ahead and climb into the ever so familiar elevator which we’ve all used a million times without our time in Harran.

Once you reach the 19th floor (that’s where the elevator comes out at), you’ll need to head around the hallway to the stairs and climb all the way up to the roof. Then run around the roof until you spot the Checkers board on the opposite side of the rooftop.

Go ahead and interact with the board to play a move, then head all the way back to the bottom of the tower (get used to seeing that Loading screen), and out of the Safe Zone. I only had to walk out a little past the electric fence, so just walk until it says “Leaving Safe Zone” on your screen then head back inside, up to the 19th floor via elevator, and then all the way back to the roof.

Complete this process 5 times, moving the Checkers pieces until White wins. Once you’ve done it 5 times and there are no more Black pieces on the board head back outside the Tower, then make that boring climb once more to find the Sick Bomb blueprint sitting on the cleared Checkers board.

This grenade takes 20 Underwater Algae and 1 Alcohol to create, and produces 10 items when paired with the Crafting Expertise skill.

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