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Dying Light: World 1-1 Easter Egg, en de Pyza Blueprint (Hidden Blueprint)

by Mark van Truijen

Check hier de nieuwe easter egg voor Dying Light. Hij is weer in het engels om zogeen vertaal fouten te maken.

First things first head over the Old Town, if you haven’t unlocked it yet don’t worry… just keep playing and when you unlock Old Town come back to this guide.

Once you’re in Old Town you’ll want to head to the Southwestern-most corner of the map to a building which looks quite similar to an “L”.

Once you’re there, and on top off the roof, locate a chimney with a familiar looking green pipe stick out of it.

Climb on the chimney, look down at the pipe, and then hold the interaction button to complete the action on the screen.

Once you’ve removed the plug in the pipe, and the smoke has cleared, interact with it once more to load into World 1-1.

Once inside it’s important to not fall off of the edge into the water as it will restart you at the beginning.

Move through the level, hitting Goomba zombies, and climb over the green pipes until you reach the first gap in the wooden blocks under your feet. Now turn back around and count move to the last green pipe you jumped off of. Put your back to it and count out 7 blocks from it, then jump to activate a hidden pink block. Climb on top of the block to find the Pyza Suit (it’s really just a fancy name for the squirrel suit).

Once you’ve picked up the blueprint simply head through the level to the end (don’t forget to slide down the flagpole) and complete the little mini-area for some extra experience points.

This item takes 10 Guaze, 10 Duct Tape, 10 String, and 10 Alcohol to craft. The means of getting this item, however, is a priceless jump back into the history of gaming.

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