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Travian Games toont twee nieuwe PvP multiplayer projecten voor de PC

by Mark van Truijen

De Duitse ontwikkelaar en uitgever Travian Games heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat zij aan twee nieuwe games werken die hun publieke debuut op gamescom 2018 zullen maken: 4Sight, een real-time PvP squad tactics game en Startrail Destiny, een space combat game. Beide projecten zullen in 2019 op de PC uitgebracht worden.

Hieronder de uitleg vvan de ontwikkelaar :

  • 4Sight is a real-time PVP squad tactics game developed by the Shadow Masters studio in close partnership with Travian Games. Set in a dystopian near-future dominated by warring corporations and cutthroat warlords, the game is played from an isometric perspective and blends rich tactics with adrenaline-filled multiplayer action in unique arenas. Players build and command a squad of four deadly mercenaries and battle others in decisive online matches. The squad members come in all shapes and sizes, across six classes, from nimble snipers to massive guardians. Once deployed on a mission, choosing the right tactics and taking advantage of cover and elevation on the battlefield is key to success in 4Sight. Commanders will be able to customise their mercenaries, equipping them with unique abilities, weapons and gadgets, with their right use turning the tide of battle and ensure victory.
  • Startrail Destiny sees players take command of different types of spaceships, from nimble fighters to massive battlecruisers, and fight it out against in 5v5 teams in a fight for precious resources and the survival of humankind. Players’ crafts can be customised with hundreds of different modules, from rapid-fire turrets to advanced defensive shields. In Startrail Destiny, the discovery of the Startrail changed everything, allowing giant motherships to travel the galaxy instantaneously and colonise rich, new planets. However, conflict was never far away, and players find themselves locked in a desperate struggle to be the first to discover the end of the Startrail.​

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