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Fallout 4 perks in detail verteld

by Mark van Truijen

Fallout 4 zal beschikken over een goed uitgedacht Perk systeem. Om een beetje te bedenken hoe je je punten onder de SPECIALs (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck) is het goed om je karakter te leren kennen.

Hier hebben we een lijst van alle 70 traits waar jij je punten aan kan toe dienen. Incl. eerder uitgebrachte trailers.


1. Iron Fist: Increases unarmed damage.
2. Big Leagues: Increases damage when swinging a weapon, similar to Little Leaguer in Fallout 3.
3. NEW – Unidentified Armor Perk: No details. Icon and video suggest a relation to armor crafting.
4. NEW – Unidentified Melee Weapon Perk: No details. Icon and video suggests a relation to weapons crafting.
5. Size Matters: Damage and accuracy bonus when using a big gun.
6. Strong Back: Increases the amount of weight you can carry in your inventory before being encumbered.
7. Weapon Handling: Reduces strength requirements for weapons.
8. NEW – Unidentified Perk: No details. Icon suggests a relation between guns and patriotism.
9. NEW – Unidentified Perk: No details. Icon suggests bonus when using bladed weapons like an axe… and something to do with tree roots. Perhaps the player can’t be knocked back while swinging a weapon.
10. NEW – Unidentified Power Armor Charging Perk: No details. Icon suggests the ability to charge at enemies while wearing Power Armor.


1. Thief: Chance of success bonus to lockpicking, pickpocketing while sneaking.
2. Rifleman: Increases damage using non-automatic rifles .
3. NEW- Unidentified VATS Perk: No details. Icon and video suggests a bonus when targeting enemies in VATS.
4. NEW- Unidentified Lock Picking Perk: No details. Icon suggests a bonus to lockpicking. Perhaps Infiltrator, which allows players to retry picking a broken lock.
5. Demolition Expert: Increases damage using explosives like grenades, mines and dynamite.
6. Friend of the Night: Able to see things better at night by highlighting the dominant color in the environment, effectively providing night vision.
7. Rad Absorption: Unconfirmed. Your radiation level will decrease over time while outside of an irradiated area.
8. Sniper: Increased chance to get a headshot while in VATS.
9. NEW – Shoot Through Wall Perk: No details. Icon suggests the ability to shoot enemies through walls or cover.
10. Concentrated Fire: Repeatedly targeting the same body part in VATS increases accuracy to that part.


1. Toughness: Increases general damage resistance.
2. Lead Belly: Take less radiation when drinking from an irradiated source.
3. Lifegiver: Gain extra hit points every time you advance a level, in addition to gains based on Endurance.
4. Chem Resistant: Never become addicted to chems.
5. NEW – Water Perk: No details. Icon suggests a bonus when submerged in water. Video suggests improved lung capacity.
6. Rad Resistance: Permanently improves radiation resistance.
7. Adamantium Skeleton: Increases the amount of damage limbs can take.
8. Cannibal: Unlocks the ability to eat human corpses and regain health. Doing so reduces karma, and being seen doing so is considered a crime against nature.
9. NEW? – Unidentified Ghoul Perk: No details. Icon is similar to Nuclear Anomaly (Fallout 3: Broken Steel), which causes the character to erupt in a small nuclear explosion when health is reduced to 20. Nearby allies are hurt by the blast.
10. Solar Powered: Strength bonus and health regeneration during daylight hours.



1. Cap Collector: Improves the buying and selling prices at vendors.
2. Lady Killer / Black Widow: Do extra damage against a specific gender. Opens special dialogue options when conversing.
3. NEW – Lone Wanderer: Increased damage resistance and improved carrying strength when traveling without a companion.
4. NEW – Attack Dog: A canine companion can hold an enemy, providing greater accuracy when targeting in VATS.
5. Animal Friend: Some animals will ignore the player unless attacked. They may aid the player in fights.
6. NEW – Local Leader: Allows the construction of stores in your settlement.
7. Party Boy/Girl: Player no longer suffers the withdrawal effects of alcohol addiction.
8. NEW – Inspirational: Companion does more damage in combat and cannot hurt you.
9. NEW – Wasteland Whisperer: Aim your gun at any Wasteland creature below your level for a chance to pacify them.
10. NEW – Intimidation: Aim your gun at any human opponent below your level for a chance to pacify them.


1. NEW- VANS: The path to your closest quest target is shown in VATS.
2. Medic: Stimpaks and RadAways are more effective..
3. Gun Nut: Allows you to use gun mods. Improving it allows access to higher level mods.
4. NEW- Hacker: Allows players to build personal computer terminals in settlement.
5. NEW – Unidentified Inventory Perk: No details. Icon suggests increased carrying capacity for crafting ingredients.
6. NEW – Science!: Unlocks ability to modify energy weapons.
7. NEW – Unidentified Chemistry Perk: No details. Icon suggests the ability to craft chems. Or possibly Chemist, which makes chems last twice as long.
8. Robotics Expert: Bonus damage against robots. Also allows players to sneak up to them and shut them down.
9. NEW – Unidentified Radiation Perk: No details. Icon too vague to identify.
10. Nerd Rage!: Increased strength and damage resistance when health drops to a certain threshold.


1. Gunslinger: Increased accuracy with pistols and other one-handed weapons.
2. Commando: Increased accuracy when using a rifle in VATS.
3. NEW – Sneak: Harder to detect while sneaking.
4. Mister Sandman: The ability to silently kill any human or ghoul in their sleep for bonus experience.
5. Action Boy/Girl: Additional Action Points to use in VATS.
6. NEW – Unidentified Dodge Perk: No details. Icon suggests increased ability to dodge gunfire.
7. Ninja: Increased chance for critical damage with all melee and unarmed attacks. Sneak attack criticals do more damage.
8. NEW – Unidentified Reload Perk: No details. Icon suggests faster weapon reload speed.
9. NEW – Unidentified Running Perk: No details. Icon suggests some sort of fast retreat ability.
10. NEW – Gun Fu: No details. Icon suggests a bonus against multiple targets.


1. Fortune Finder: Will find considerably more caps in containers.
2. Scrounger: Will find considerably more ammunition in containers.
3. Bloody Mess: Increased damage with all weapons. Enemies killed will often explode into a gory pile.
4. Mysterious Stranger: A Mysterious Stranger may appear to help you in combat.
5. NEW – Unidentified Perk: No information on this Perk, and the icon is too vague to identify.
6. Better Criticals: Increased damage from critical hits.
7. NEW – Unidentified Limb Damage Perk: No details. Icon suggests a bonus when damaging an enemy’s limbs.
8. Grim Reaper’s Sprint: Killing an enemy in VATS restores all Action Points.
9. NEW – Unidentified Fighting Irish Perk: No details. Icon resembles the Notre Dame Leprechaun mascot for the Fighting Irish athletics team. May improve melee attacks.
10 NEW – Unidentified Bullet Curving Perk: No details. Icon suggests bullets may have a chance to miss or be repelled from the player.




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