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E3: Sony verrast door aankondiging van “Scorpio” van Microsoft

by Mark van Truijen

Sony heeft wel wat geleerd over hoe je een E3 presentatie houdt. Het draait om de show en niet om het vertellen.

Andrew House van Sony Playstation laat dan ook weten dat de aankondiging van Microsoft omtrent Scorpio kwam als een verrassing, Sony houd vast aan hun eigen plan want dat werkt voor hun. “The dynamics of the tech industry are such that there’s a much heavier emphasis on immediate gratification than there was,” Aldus House tegen The Guardian “A lot of that is to do with how Apple has very cleverly and elegantly managed the ‘available now’ approach. So yes, that was a slight surprise to me.”

Hij zei dat sony zijn eigen beeld had van de verwachtingen toen het in 2013 de PS4 aankondigde. “Very much in line with our previous strategies, we announced a concept and a name for PlayStation 4, and everyone said ‘where’s the box? How dare you?!’ That was the point we realized, well, we hadn’t changed but the world around us had.”

Dit past in het commentaar dat House had over de Neo, en het niet willen tonen tijdens de show tot mensen het zelf kunnen ervaren. “Some of our thinking was informed by changes that have happened in the broader tech landscape and the cadence of innovation to which the consumer is now attuned, particularly by smartphones,” zegt hij. “We’ve traditionally seen that some of the core audience tends to gravitate back to high-end PCs at some point because these are the people who want the finest graphical performance. So here’s a great opportunity to have them stay within our ecosystem. If you are a person who’s just purchased a 4K television, maybe there’s not that much content around right now, so there’s something interesting about games being able to fill that gap and offer that experience. Those are the fundamentals of Neo.”

Over de E3 briefing van Sony zegt House dat de verandering van filosofie mee werkte. “We knew that this year we had an exceptionally good line up of games to talk about so why not get everything else out of the way and just talk about them?” zegt House. “So we made it very video heavy. We now think of these events as shows. It’s about trying to strike the right balance between delivering information and entertaining people who are tuning in to watch from home. There were meaty announcements but also it was hopefully entertaining.”

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