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Dying Light : Tips voor fast travel

by Mark van Truijen

De stad Harran, is mega groot. Met twee delen namelijk The Slums en Old town is er genoeg om te verkennen en te vinden. En daar komt het fast travel goed van part..

Je kan niet travellln van safehouse naar safehouse, wel kan je tussen verschillende delen travellen.

De volgende instructies zijn in het engels:

*Note: Fast Travel can only be used after unlocking the different areas.*

The Slums to Old Town

The first thing you want to do is make your way to the Tower. From there, take the elevator to up and locate the room with the word “Shop” written on it.

Now move into the room and look to your left. You should see a poster. Interact with it to Fast Travel to Old Town.

Old Town to the Slums

First you’ll want to locate the safehouse I’ve marked on the map below.

Once you’ve marked it on your map, make your way there and then drop into the room and locate the poster on the wall. Interact with it to Fast Travel back to the Slums.

The Slums to the Antenna

We all know how long that final trek to the Antenna took, and if you haven’t gotten that far yet, then don’t worry, we haven’t spoiled anything. If you’re looking to shave a few minutes off your walking time, simply head to the area I’ve marked on the map below.

You’ll need to have an item, such as the grappling hook, to help you climb. However, once you’ve reached the overpass above the construction site, take out the zombies here and then interact with the door to enter a short series of tunnels right into the Antenna area.

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