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Dying Light: De Korek Machete Blueprint guide

by Mark van Truijen

Dying Light is de nieuwe zombie game van Techland. Hier onder zie je de guide om de Korek Machete te vinden, mocht je er niet uitkomen via de plaatjes kan de video uitkomst bieden. De guide is wel in het engels dit om geen vertaal fouten te maken.

First things first you’ll want to head to the c-shaped building I’ve marked on the map below (it is due northwest of the Tower)

Once you arrive you’ll need to locate the air conditioning unit I’ve highlighted below.

Once you’ve located the unit climb onto it, get to the very far right hand corner, and then look behind you to the right to locate a light that you’ll need to jump to.

Once you’re on the light simply climb onto the balcony right beside you, then move to the corner of the building and look towards the middle balcony area with the metal bars. Climb onto them, and climb up until you’re hanging from the top of the railing in the screenshot below.

Once you’re hanging at the top of the railing, look behind you, aim up towards the ledge above, and jump.

With a little luck you’ll find yourself on the top balcony. Move to the center ledge.

Climb onto the side railing here.

Then jump up unto the roof, and then climb onto the roof of the building in the middle of the roof. Cross to the opposite side of the roof to find the blue box containing the weapon’s Blueprint inside.

Drop into the alcove, and kick the box around 76 times.

After you’ve opened it up, grab the Blueprint, and take a look at the stats.

This weapons deals over 500 damage when full upgraded, and has a nice durability of 35, making it even stronger, and more durable than the EXPcalibur.

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