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Bravely Second: End Layer komt met nieuwe trailer en maakt de jobs bekend

by Mark van Truijen

Er is een nieuwe trailer voor Bravely Second: End Layer naar buiten gebracht, ook zijn er wat jobs uit de game bekend gemaakt.

De Jobs die er zijn :

  • Guardian – Party members don bright purple/blue armor and use soul power to attack
  • Exorcist – The power of magic compels you to revert your HP/MP to a previous turn, as the party wears a red/white robe.
  • Wizard – Party members dress in ceremonial black robes. As discussed in our preview, Wizard focuses on spellcraft and enhances physical attacks with elemental power.
  • Charioteer – Party members don Greek-style togas and substitute armor slots for additional weapons. It’s weapons on weapons on weapons!
  • Catmancer – Dressed in cat ears (because of course), this puts party members in control of magical felines that can copy enemy attacks.
  • Patissier – This was originally hinted at during our preview, but the party members wear chef suits to bake up some mayhem. These cakes are dangerous and not just because of their high calorie count.
  • Bishop – Wearing traditional bishop robes, party members chant spells twice to double their power. From the sound of it, you’ll lose a turn to power up spells, adding to the game’s risk/reward motif.
  • Fencer – Party members wear thick fencer jackets. As noted during our preview, Fencers change stances to go from offense to defense, opening up different abilities.
  • Astrologian – Wearing celestial-themed robes, the Astrologian utilizes the power ofo the stars to offer general boosts to the party.

Dit zijn 12 jobs die in de game zitten. Er zijn ook nog 18 terugkomende jobs.

Bravely Second: End Layer staat gepland voor een release op de 3DS voor eind april.

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