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Battlefield Hardline executive producer praat over de singleplayer

Okey, de game komt pas uit in 2015, toch kwam Visceral naar Gamescom om hun game daar te tonen. Ook werden er allerlei nieuwe items getoont. Wij vonden een intervieuw waar daar wat meer over wordt verteld.

“We were excited about coming here today and being able to unveil our single-player for the very first time,” vertelt Papoutsis aan Shacknews. “And I think one of the first things we’ve been most excited, as a studio, about delivering with Battlefield Hardline’s single-player campaign is more about our characters, really digging into them, and really having a single-player campaign that shows off the breadth of the performers, the characters, the dialogue, and of course, making this game more about the characters than the plot. And then our TV-style presentation that we’re hoping to achieve with the camera cuts that you saw in the demonstration and some other stuff we’ll be talking about later in the campaign.”

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