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Battlefield: Hardline – Arrest All Suspects with Warrants Guide

by Mark van Truijen

De Battlefield serie heeft altijd wel wat challenges en collectibles, en ook in hardline is dat het geval. Wij hebben een lijst met alle 21 criminelen en de manier waarop je ze kan pakken. De lijst is in het engels maar ik wens je alvast veel plezier.

Trophies/Achievements Earned

  • Identify 10 Warrants with the Scanner – Watched, Dawg
  • Capture all Warrants alive in single-player – Bring ‘em to Justice

To make this guide as easy to follow as possible I’ve broken up the Suspects by the episode in which they appear.

Episode 1: Back to School

Lawrence Kent

Wait for Tap to head inside the school and talk to Tyson. After a moment everything will hit the fan and two vehicles will pull up in the parking lot below. Scan the disembarking criminals to find this Warrant.

Episode 2: Checking Out

Javier Rosado

While chasing Leo you’ll end up down in the Hotel Lobby. Here you’ll want to take down the patrolling guards, and then move in when the only two left are the duo by the door. Scan them first to get the Warrant, then pull out your badge and arrest them.

Gary Volker

Once you’ve found Leo you’ll need to escape the hotel. To do this simply wait for the criminals who just arrived to move in through the front door. Now is a good time to scan them. Once you have the Warrant marked simply move through the area and take him out.

Episode 3: Gator Bait

Luis Minguez

Once inside the nature reserve, use your Scanner to find a Suspect with a Warrant in the group of three criminals ahead.

Thomas Bell

Scan the group of the center of the gator farm to mark this criminal, and then take him down non-lethally.

Nathan Brown

Head to the back of the large barn at the Sawmill to find this suspect hiding out.

Episode 4: Case Closed

Phillip Evans

As you move around the front of the Domo Roboto Warehouse scan the guard near the alarm box to activate this Warrant.

Leonard Miller

You’ll tag this crook by scanning the criminals patrolling in front of the Sawmill.

Frankie Diaz

Be wary of the guards above when taking out this Suspect on the 1st floor of the mall.

Xavier Gonzalez

Scan the criminal to your left when looking down upon the last of Neltz’ men to find this suspect.

Episode 6: Out of Business

Edgar Kwok

Enter the upstairs office via the stairs to the right of the warehouse in the salvage yard. Now scan the criminals below you to find this crook hanging out along the farthest wall.

James Mun

This scum is hanging around the rear of the salvage yard garage. Make sure to tag and analyze him with the Scanner before taking him down with an arrest.

Ji-hun Oh

This lowlife is busy patrolling the area around the chop shop’s alarm box. To arrest him you’ll want to take out the guards on the outside, then lure him with a shell casing. Once he exits, pop him with a Scan and then show your badge.

Episode 7: Glass Houses

Cameron Briller

You’ll find this suspect sitting with another criminal on the first floor after your meeting with Roark in his mansion.

Marvin Thomas

This scumbag is hanging out with a pal down near the tennis courts. Flash your badge to make them FREEZE and then arrest them before anybody sees.

Episode 8: Sovereign Land

Jim Preston

Tag all of the criminals inside the compound before you move in. Once you’ve located this thug with a warrant, grab your gear and lure him to a safe arresting place.

Episode 9: Independence Day

Derek Kelly

This crook is hiding away with his friends in the lobby. Use your shell casings to distract him and wait for him to move out of sight of his pals before arresting him.

John Starnes

Once you arrive on the 20th floor take a right and tag all of the criminals below you. Now you’ll need to make your way through them slowly, by using takedowns and arrests until you reach the Suspect with a Warrant.

Episode 10: Legacy

Howard White

Before moving up to the roadblock, pull out your Scanner and tag all of the criminals to find this suspect hanging around the alarm box.

Lyle Feldman

As you move around the cabanas tagging criminals you’ll want to keep a lookout for this Suspect with a Warrant who is located right in the center of everything. At this point you should move around and take all the outer guards out until all that’s left is the center two. Then move in, flash your badge, and arrest them.

Craig Foster

This final suspect will be found moving around the northeastern area of the utility complex. To arrest him safely you’ll want to scan him from outside, then lure him out with a shell casing to finish the job.

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