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Bandai Namco kondigt free-to-play game ‘Tales of the Rays’ aan

by Mark van Truijen

BANDAI NAMCO heet vandaag laten weten dat Tales of the Rays, een heerlijke free-to-play RPG van de consoles, zijn weg zal maken naar het mobiele platform. Vanaf de zomer is deze game te downloaden.

We created Tales of The Rays with the intent to make it the best all-star character game ever. The story, music, and game design are handled by the very same team who brought you the Tales series on console, and the character design, voice acting, and opening animation are masterfully crafted by the hottest artists in Japan today. We’re all very happy to be able to share the amazing storytelling and 3D gameplay with you, and our hope is that you’re looking forward to the game’s release as much as we are.” aldus Yasuhiro Ikeno, Producer of Tales of The Rays.

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