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WWE 2K19 Features Roundup – Gameplay Updates

2K heeft vandaag de eerste in een serie blog post over de komende features voor WWE 2K19 uitgebracht, beginnende met de core gameplay updates waaronder algehele verbeteringen, nieuwe match types, het Payback systeem, Big Heads modus en meer.

2K deelt ook meteen extra info, waaronder details over MyPlayer. Over de komende dagen komt er meer nieuws, tot aan de release op 9 oktober.

De blog post hier : bevat onderstaande informatie

  • An improved the framerate for matches with six or more characters on-screen; overhauled strikes, with over 250 new attack and reaction animations; a wider variety of offense for computer-controlled opponents; bolstered commentary, with over 15,000 new lines from the team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton; dozens of new match scoring conditions; and the ability to change controller assignments during Universe and Exhibition matches;
  • New 5-Man, 6-Man, 8-Man and Royal Rumble match types;
  • A more realistically proportioned Hell in a Cell structure that more accurately captures the tension of battling within;
  • A revamped steel cage with new interactions, options, mini-games and the option to leave through the cage door;
  • The ability to choose who is holding the Money in the Bank briefcase in Universe and Exhibition modes; ability to customize Money in the Bank briefcases and a variety of cash-in sequences;
  • Addition of a new Payback System, a defensive mechanic that can turn the momentum of a match and get you back on track;
  • Big Head Mode option to toggle on Big Heads for any WWE Superstar or created character!
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