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Je missie is nog niet voorbij! De eerste DLC voor The Shortest Trip to Earth is onderweg

by Pim, Sel

Op 23 oktober gaat de eerste downloadable content verschijnen voor The Shortest Trip to Earth. De naam van de DLC is: The Supporters Pack. Deze DLC zal een nieuw schip toevoegen genaamd The Battle Tiger en nog veel meer. Check hieronder de key features van de game:

Key Features:

  • A new playable ship – The Battle Tiger
    If you are familiar with the popular Tigerfish-series, you will probably recognize the Battle Tiger, a spaceship designed to transport VIP crew safely through hostile space.
  • Ten new crew/ drones/ pets
    The Battle Tiger starts with VIP crew who sometimes bring along their exotic pets and drones. The ship always starts with a cat and a dog.
  • Five new nukes and five new modules
    Turn your ship into a real tiger by adding custom nukes and modules that not only look cool but will also make your trip to Earth feel like a walk in the park.
  • “Shortest Trip Sketchbook Scribbles” PDF
    Interested in getting to know how Shortest Trip to Earth came to be? Take a look into the development visualized as a collage of sketches and scribbles that span from 2010 to 2019.
  • Existing music as OST
    Composed by four independent musicians, the 23 meditative tracks of Shortest Trip to Earth can be now added in your daily playlist Keep the good vibes going!
  • Much more exciting content scheduled to be added in 2020!
    As we continue to support the base game, the Supporters Pack will receive further expansion with new ships, weapons, modules, and more to follow next year.

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