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HELLDIVERS Weapons Pack Trailer

by Mark van Truijen

HELLDIVERS is een hardcore co-op shooter uit de stal van Magicka. Als onderdeel van de elite eenheid moet je samen werken om de Super Earth te redden.
• 4 spelers co-op verdeeld over de PS4™, PS3™ & PS Vita
• Upgrade en bedien meer dan 70 wapens en voertuigen
• Stijg in rank en roep de troepen op
• Community-gedreven campagne
• Cross-Play, Cross-Chat, Cross-Save, en Cross-Buy voor PS4™, PS3™ & PS Vita systems
• 100+ uur aan gameplay

Helldivers komt met een weapon pack trailer. De Weapon Pack bevat het volgende :

• PLAS-1 ‘Scorcher’: The first ever Helldiver issued plasma weapon. This primary weapon fires bolts of superheated plasma that explode on impact. To ensure that the weapon is safe and reliable to operate, Super Earth scientists had to remove the full auto fire mode.
• M-25 ‘Rumbler’: The ‘Rumbler’ is a heavy portable mortar firing three round bursts of 80mm grenades. Though heavy and prone to ammunition shortage, the ‘Rumbler’ allows the user precise control of where the shots land.
• AC-22 ‘Dum Dum’: The AC-22 is a 20mm cannon commonly found in the Helldiver arsenal, though usually mounted on vehicles. This is a shoulder carried version that allows Helldivers on foot to carry a very powerful weapon that is excellent for taking out medium armored targets.

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