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Ghost Recon Breakpoint krijgt genoeg features om toegankelijkheid te verhogen

by Mark van Truijen

Ghost Recon Breakpoint staat echt bijna voor de deur, de game beloofd een beste lading content. Ubisoft probeert ervoor te zorgen dat zoveel mogelijk mensen de mogelijkheid krijgen om ervan te genieten.

Via de game’s blog, liet men de toegankelijkheids features weten. Van subtiele opties tot het compleet opnieuw indelen van je controller. De volledige lijst lees je hier beneden.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint komt op PS4, Xbox One en PC uit op 4 oktober. In November volgt Google Stadia ook.

  • A text-to-speech feature that reads out on-screen notifications and any chat messages received.
  • Speech-to-text can dictate messages they wish to send to the text chat. This feature is only available in English at current.
  • Colorblind contrast will allow players to adjust the contrast levels for deuteranopia, protanopia, and tritanopia colorblindness options.
  • Subtitles will allow players to choose the display, size, background opacity, and speaker names.
  • Simultaneous input will allow players to link up multiple devices at once. This currently includes keyboard, mouse, controller, and Xbox Adaptive Controller, However, more devices are to be supported after launch.
  • HUD adjustments will let players choose what elements they wish to display with the options to resize each element and adding a background to them to increase visibility.
  • Auto-run lets players toggle their character into a state of auto-run, although turning the character will need to be done manually. Auto-throttle is also available, allowing players to have the vehicle automatically accelerate. Same as auto-running, players will need to steer the car left and right manually.
  • Tobii eye-tracking allows players to navigate menus, item wheels, emote wheels, and more. A video detailing these can be found here.
  • Volume UI will allow users to customize the audio output, changing the master audio, music, sound effects, and voice options.
  • Cursor settings open the game to those who require to play at different speeds, frictions, vibrations, and more including scroll speeds, invert X/Y axis, etc.
  • Inverted look and aim cameras for those that prefer inversion for looking, aiming, and ground vehicles. The sensitivity for these can also be adjusted.
  • Aim-assist magnetism and snap parameters can be adjusted.
  • Full remapping for the controller, keyboard, and mouse are available.
  • Various difficulty settings will be available, with options to turn off hints. Gameplay mode can be set to Guided which offers clear waypoints, or Exploration which uses map-based text clues to locate objectives.
  • Vibrations for controllers can be adjusted.
  • Text chat is supported for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 users and emotes are also available for all platforms.

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