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E3 2015: Twee nieuwe specialist toegevoegd aan multiplayer Black Ops 3

Aan de black ops 3 multiplayer zijn twee nieuwe specialisten toegevoegd.

  • Prophet – Also known as David Wilkes, Prophet got his cybernetic enhancements while working with the British Engineering Corps. He’s a shocking sort, in more ways than one. His special is the Tempest, which is a lightning gun that electrocutes targets. Not only that, but anyone that comes within range of a shocked target will also get zapped by the chain reaction. His Glitch ability allows him to teleport to a previous position to get the drop on any foes.
  • Nomad – Also known as Tavo Rojas, Nomad is the last surviving member of a deployment force that specialized in jungle warfare. He tries to use the environment against his enemies. His weapon is the Hive, which deploys pod traps filled with nano-drones. When activated, these drones will overwhelm foes and swarm on them, like so many stinging insects. His ability is Rejack, which lets him cheat death once by injecting himself with a powerful serum.

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