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Battlefield 4 update laat je zoeken naar Platoon Leden

Battlefield 4 update laat je zoeken naar Platoon Leden

by Mark van Truijen09/04/2014

De website van Battlefield 4, Battlelog krijgt vandaag een update. Als aanvulling op het op afstand je uitrusting kunnen kiezen, krijgen we nu wat toevoegingen voor platoons, deze zullen ervoor gaan zorgen dat je leden sneller kan vinden en kan helpen.

De nieuwste update van Battlelog zal een nieuwe ‘server’ tab met zich mee brengen, waarop direct gezien kan worden welke platoon leden online zijn, ook op welke server ze zijn. Spelers krijgen daarna de mogelijkheid om direct te joinen en hun vrienden te helpen.

De Battlefield update zal ook een de max cap voor je platoons vergroten, automatische aanmelden voor posts of comments van leden, en diverse bug fixes. De hele lijst zal ik hieronder even toevoegen.

– Loadout Presets: Create your very own Kit and Vehicle presets in Loadout, and quickly apply a previously created Preset.
– Platoons 1.1: we have now released the first big update to Platoon, including features such as:
— Be able to see where your Platoon members are playing in the new servers tab
— You can now increase the member cap to 150 by reaching rank 5 and 200 by reaching rank 10
— Automatically subscribe to all Platoon wall posts and comments, so you won’t miss a thing
— Once rented servers become available, Platoon leaders can choose to promote their servers for their Platoon
— More information is now shown for each Platoon member on the Members page
— A lot of smaller improvements and fixes
– The Leaderboards tile on Home now shows your best or favorited leaderboard
– New styling for the Premium tile on Home
– Better support for Carrier Assault in Live Scoreboard
– The “Personal Details” privacy setting now also controls for whom the “Playing” box on your profile page is shown
– UTC indicator now added to the time selector in Settings

– Fixed an issue where some Mission Dog Tags didn’t unlock after meeting the requirement (to trigger the unlock, please play the specific Mission once again)
– Soldiers that have reached max rank now has the experience progress bar and score more correctly displayed
– Items that are unlocked with Kit Shortcuts are no longer suggested in Suggestions
– Items that are unlocked with Kit Shortcuts now show up more correctly on the Unlocks pages
– Fixed an issue where Service Stars wasn’t shown for items that had been unlocked with Kit Shortcuts
– Better fix for the duplicated UCAV in Stats -> Vehicles, so the kills are not counted twice
– Fixes for for some unlock criteria and expansion pack icons showing incorrectly in Loadout
– The newly added Soldier Portraits are now shown in opened Battlepacks
– Unlock criteria are now shown correctly on the Unlocks -> Weapons page
– Fixed an issue with the Battlelog Plugin, which didn’t always made the plugin auto-update
– Fixed an issue where upcoming Rank Battlepacks had incorrect progress bars on the Battlepacks page
– Fixed an issue in Battle Reports, where the correct ribbons weren’t always shown in Awards & Unlocks
– Various tweaks for Battle Reports to better support longer and localized texts
– Fixed an issue in the Medal of Honor Warfighter section where some images, like ribbons, didn’t display
– Fixed an issue in the Medal of Honor Warfighter section, where some page tabs for Xbox 360 soldiers didn’t work correctly
– Various minor fixes and tweaks

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